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AZAV certified educational provider

Carrier approval according to AZAV

Since 2009, we have been one of the institutions that are allowed to carry out training courses according to AZAV through the employment agency / job center. Educational providers that are certified according to AZAV undergo high quality testing by independent testing bodies (DEKRA). These quality features are regulated in the Accreditation and Approval Ordinance (AZAV).

What exactly are the quality characteristics? Certification according to AZAV includes the general examination of the reliability and performance of an educational institution with regard to the implementation and methodology of teaching content. In addition, the qualifications of all teachers involved must be proven for the respective course of study so that they are also professionally suitable. Systematic quality management and checking of the correct implementation and documentation of the educational offer with the aim of successful completion must also be proven.

Most training in the areas of nail design, cosmetics, massage and foot care is offered at private vocational schools or, as in our case, at state-recognized supplementary schools. This type of technical vocational training usually has to be paid for privately. With the AZAV carrier approval, we also offer job seekers who receive an activation and placement voucher from the Employment Agency or JobCenter the opportunity to develop professionally in the emerging market of nail design, eyelash extensions and cosmetics. So everyone here has a fair chance of receiving qualified training.

We would like to pass on our success and our knowledge: We offer a complete range of seminars for beginners and advanced users in the areas of nail design, eyelash extensions and cosmetic foot care. Regardless of whether you want to start your own business or to further your education and perfection - with our training program we offer the right further training for everyone. Studios all over Germany use our products and our training systems - and are therefore on the road to success.

Excellent quality and satisfied customers are and remain our top priority! We want to offer perfect service and an optimal price-performance ratio.

IHK training company

Training company recognized by the IHK

We are a training company recognized by the Stade Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is responsible for us, and we are constantly checked to ensure that we meet all legal requirements and carry out our training at a high level.